Black Locust Honey

The black locust bloom is one of the milestones in the beekeeping year, because the black locust tree produces a considerable amount of sugar in the nectar of the flower. Honey bees respond to nectar sources according to the amount of nectar available in ratio to the concentration of sugar.

The black locust is a member of the legumes, or pea family because they produce large amounts of nectar. The legume family is very important to honey production and to pollination of other flowering plants. Specifically the black locus is very fragrant which draws the bees in and makes for a unique tasting honey.

Black Locust honey is considered high quality honey due to the properties of the flower on the tree. The flowers only bloom for a few weeks out of the year, making black locust honey  a bit of a luxury compared to other honeys. In some years the honey can even be extra white in color, showing off the pure properties of the black locust flower.

Our honey is 100% raw. Raw meaning we do not use heat to pasteurize the honey and we do not add corn syrup or other sweeteners to extend the shelf life. Adding heat and filtering the honey removes the trace wax and original pollen which is what gives honey it’s different flavors. This is why store bought honey tends to all taste the same. Also, honey is the only food that lasts indefinitely in raw form, so there is no real need to pasteurize it. All of our farm grown honey still contains the original enzymes, vitamins, and anti-oxidants which have been shown to be an effective natural medicine.

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